Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winners Round 5 !! Certificate Winners

This was a difficult round for judging. I have had to eliminate one category and create a whole new one in order to properly encompass and consider all the entries (more than 30 guesses).

First, there is a special certificate for @fistsoffolly, for entering both the First Guess and the Last Guess in Round 5. Congratulations! Both of her guesses are treated below in the "Spooky or Melancholy Guess" category.

Category: What Some Might Think Is Closest to What Is in the Box

Winner: @toldorknown: Two types of things, one singular, the other plural. The singular has a pointed fragility. The plurality contain multitudes in each
- I had an argument prepared against this one, but it is a spot-on mirror reflection of what is in the box.

@ContemptSlots: Something spiked, served, and occasionally aced. Not to say there's alcohol involved.
- There is a connection between what is in the box and sports. However, the item in the box is not a tennis ball nor a volley ball. Neither is it punch, although it might either lead to or prevent punching.

@CeeBee: having won "What Some Might Think Is Closest to What Is in the Box" last week, my guess for round 5 of #gwiitb is a foam brick
- Some might think a foam brick is closest to what is in the box because there are in fact two foam bricks in the box, but are there only as filler. Thus, placing on the "What Some Might Think ..." short list is not a reaction to the wording of the guess, but in accordance with the contents of the box.

@andreakremer: Something that will put me in mind of summer.
- Yes, toning the mind and body is something some do in preparation for summer, and that is very close to being the central concept of what is in the box. It is a circumstantial argument, and is mere conjecture on my part.

@KT30003k: Box is full of clear plastic capsules; each contains either the original gumball-machine prize or a cryptic message.
- There is plastic containment, and what could be considered capsules, but no gumball machine was involved. The message is not cryptic. This guess might fall into that category of things I would keep myself, not give away.

@michael_elliott: it's a cold front!
- If I were faced with using the item in the box, I would have a very cold front indeed. That might not be how the term "front" was meant in the guess, but I am the judge.

@jonathaneunice: It's something composed of other little somethings, tightly nestled and lovingly enveloped.
- Yes, it is something composed of other little somethings. They are packed, rather than nestled, and I am not certain about the “lovingly enveloped” bit. If it weren't for the spot-on winner, this guess would be a strong contender.

@TheStepster: Soft, dense, unbreakable, creaky objects waiting to be discovered by someone somewhere.
- As elsewhere, @TheStepster makes a near guess that is just barely edged out by the uncannily accurate winning guess.

Category: What Might Ought to Have Been in the Box

Winner: @trelvix: The Last Supper as depicted by South Park candles modeled entirely from found wax and subway lint. (Easy.)
- Perhaps what is in the box should have been something @trelvix thought was easy to guess. I am not sure, but it seems appropriate to reward gumption. I do know that I would enjoy awarding people the bounty of my crafty skills, such as they are. I lived in NY long ago, but did not have the foresight to gather subway lint for such a project.

@BrianPike: What is in the box is NOT what you think it is.
- Wouldn’t that be exciting for all of us?! I had some back and forth with @BrianPike clarifying that his guess was that what was in the box was not what I, JS, thought it was. He might be right, but in the end I am the sole arbiter. If it were possible for me to have a prize that is inherently never what the entrants think it is, I would do that. Indeed, it is what I strive for.

@epicdeer: It's my missing hour of sleep. Please be my missing hour of sleep.
- It would be wonderful if I could restore your missing hour of sleep to you, but it is beyond my powers, at least until next Fall. I am sorry.

@1sjcorbett: An antique quill and ink well. The type so often used to write flowery love letters and overwrought poetry.
- Things are just so digital these days. Perhaps we could do with more flowery love letters and overwrought poetry. Perhaps we could do with more of them that are on paper and not posted on the internet!

@lindstifa: When in contact with my skin it takes me back to childhood and the sense of security I haven't felt since.
- Again I feel the urge to award people things that would bring them happiness, or at least a form a peace. I fear it is beyond my power. I am sorry.

@thewesterly: It's the hope of a nation, and the light of something that lights up.
- Oh, entrants keep guessing for things I only wish I could award to you, but it is not possible. There is only one prize at a time, and I must judge the guesses only in relation to that prize. I will say that I am pretty sure this is the guess that made me laugh the most.

Category: Spooky or Melancholy

This category had to be created because so many of the guesses were of a somber or even slightly gruesome nature. The object in the box is tied quite firmly to daylight and healthy vigorous living, and it would be thus inappropriate to match it to a spooky or melancholy guess. As you will see, I have chosen to respond to the guesses in a specialized manner.

WINNER: @odat: One old man's broken heart.
- Though all are strong, I take your part. This prize could break an old man's heart.

@fistsoffolly: I think it is the ingredients for something spectacular (as in "spectacle"). Dessicated eye of newt and toe of frog, perhaps?
- The contents could be well combined, but by the body, not the mind.

@The_No_Show: The ghost of my father's mother (not my mother's mother). She's creaky. My mother's mother's ghost is more "crinkly".
- Too much emphasis on clues will trip you over your own shoes.

@lancehenrikson: The hell that is my existence. Shipped to you so you have to deal with it.
- I have come to welcome this, your personal contrariness.

@suelyn: comfort items for a dark and stormy night, creaking noise creates an eerie atmosphere all the better to snuggle with a loved one.
- This prize could make one less afraid, assuming the electric's paid.

@jonathaneunice: It's something of religious significance. Something with a touch of, or that bespeaks an earnest hope for, The Divine.
- The prize is just a human thing, it never will make choirs sing.

@J1: this has to be several flavors of Beanie babies dancing and staying alive with the breath of hot air in their confinement.
- If they were trapped there for a while, at least they would be trapped with style.

@whlteXbread: I'm goin' to jail, guys. I thought the East River had taken care of my problem, but I think my ex-girlfriend is in there :/
- It's not so much the guess's wrongs, I just can't stand emoticons.

@toddadamson: A litter of stillborn weasels.
- This prize has neither tail nor head, and isn't either live or dead.

@1sjcorbett: An empty eye glasses case. Represents all that is lost and never found.
- It is not any kind of case - and this is easily replaced.

@fistsoffolly: Something that the main character of a southern gothic novel would identify with. Strongly. Darkly. Maybe w/incestuous overtones.
- Identity eludes those types, this prize is not one of their gripes.

More guesses than ever before this round - Thank you, entrants !!


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