Sunday, March 8, 2009

#gwiitb Round 5 !

Here is the box with something inside it for Round 5 of The Guess What Is in the Boxes Contest! It is another box from the Harry & David assortment, but there are not any apples in there. I ate the apples [insert "This is just to say" joke here - they were delicious, so sweet and so cold.] So. Getting serious. The box was empty, and I packed up the prize in it and taped it up.

The dimensions are 7.5" x 4" x 4". The weight of the box as it is, packed up with prize inside, is 12 oz. (I just found a cooking scale in the back of a closet, so henceforth there shall be weight measurement of unprecedented exactitude.)

My husband knows what is in the box this time, and has asked to be excused from describing the heft. I have recruited my landlady Megan. She says it feels like there are many soft, dense objects packing the box. With vigorous shaking, the objects do not feel or sound breakable. Squishing on the top side of the box produces a creaky noise.

New players should review the original rules post here, and also review the earlier rounds. Please tag your guesses #gwiitb and feel free to guess as often as you like.

Guessing will close at 4pm EDT, Tuesday, March 10, 2009. Happy guessing!