Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winners! Round 2 - Grand Prize and Short List

Revealed: Inside Box #2 was an Astonishing Plastic Martini Glass & Pitcher Set, packed tightly with several t-shirts left in this apartment by the previous tenant. I am just guessing here, but I expect one would need two pitchers-full to fill up all of these martini glasses, but then I don't drink gin or vodka.

It is a tie !

Competition for the Grand Prize was so fierce that it is a tie between @catrocketship and @1sjcorbett. The Grand Prize shall be awarded to @catrocketship because hers was the first entry and because it appears she might benefit the most from possessing this Astonishing Plastic Martini Glass & Pitcher Set. As a tied-for-winner, @1sjcorbett will receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement! There was almost a three-way tie, but @toldorknown’s guess was edged out due to the essentially introspective, nurturing, and low-energy life-style connoted therein.

Shortlist for Grand Prize:

WINNER: @catrocketship: One giant painkiller. One that is 2-3 pounds. This is wishful thinking on my part. (These glasses are giant and decorated with giant olives. This set kills pain just by being so compelling to look at. Furthermore, properly used in convivial company, it could kill a lot of pain.)

WINNER: @1sjcorbett: A blanket to hide under/in. Preferably with special powers to ward off all incoming bad news. (This guess gets at the whole lifestyle connotated by this set. A lifestyle of endless partying, where the only possible bad news is that we are running low on olives.)

@toldorknown: A boon companion to lean on as you laze, soften your falls, hold close when dreaming, and fight without harm. (As discussed above, this is too emotionally healthy to really correspond completely with this martini set.)


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