Thursday, February 19, 2009

#gwiitb Round 2 !

Here is the box with something in it for Round 2 of the Guess What Is in the Boxes Contest! Entries will be accepted via Twitter with the tag #gwiitb starting with my Tweet opening this round and ending with my Tweet closing this round. Please review prior posts on this topic for guidelines. Grand Prize winner wins what is in the box, if their mailing address is in US! All winners not receiving the actual Grand Prize get personalized Certificates of Achievement!

Unfortunately, my husband has already left for work, so I will have to do my best to describe the heft of the box objectively. Dimensions are 11" x 13.5" x 8". The weight is 2-3 lbs. Solid. No shifting, no noise, an even distribution of weight. I apologize for the blurry picture: tremor + camera-phone = blurry picture. That is an Office Depot bubble mailers box. Trash came yesterday, and somehow all the boxes I'd been saving for the contest ended up gone. Alas.

Guesses will be accepted until 8am Saturday morning, my time, 48 hours from now!

No cats, living or dead, are in the box, not even coincidentally.
There are no Office Depot bubble mailers in the box. I took them out and put something else in.


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