Tuesday, February 24, 2009

#gwiitb Round 3 !


Here is Box 3! It is from a Harry & David holiday gift assortment I received at some point in the past few months. I think there were fancy pears in this one. Now it is just a box, albeit one with a nicer design on it than the other boxes have had. Now there is a prize in there!

What keen "Guess What Is in the Boxes Contest" players really want are the numbers. OK. The dimensions of the box are 8.5" x 12" x 4". Weight, just over 1 pound. Again, my husband has had to leave already this morning and I am going to do the best I can to describe the heft. The box is just slightly heavier on one end, and a bit of shaking gives a muffled impression of something rocking back and forth longitudinally.

It is now Tuesday morning, around 7:40 am EST. The deadline for entering guesses will be Thursday, Feb. 26, at 12:00 noon EST. New players are advised to read this and to check out the results of the first two rounds. Remember to tag your guesses with #gwiitb or I might miss them. Thank you for playing!!!


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